Search Engine Optimization for Photographers

And that means you have got a photography web site and need to get it to the very best of the listings in Yahoo, Google and MSN. First thing you have to learn is to forget MSN and Yahoo. The Internet Search Engine War is being lost by them and their share of SEARCHES is about the decline. GOOGLE is king and seems set to rule the marketplace for a while to come. MSN’s effort to create their search feature into Windows hasn’t done anything to boost their market share, quite MSN’s share of Search dropped to 10.9%, Yahoo had 21.4% against Google’s 49%So lesson number one focus you SEO attempts on Google.

Next matter, forget FLASH. FLASH programs a web site in a lot of code that Search Engine Spiders/robots cannot read. When a site crawls it’s looking for content text written in plain old HTML. FLASH – forget it.
2nd construct your site with Key Words for seo for photographers. First thing to do is determine what your key words are going to be. In the instance of SDBPHOTO.COM our key words are: “hong kong photographer/photography”. Now the main place to make use of these Key Words is first in the NAME HEADING of the page. A lot of photographers name their pages “Jo’s Photography Gallery”. Now how a lot of people can you believe would seek for this. Use key word terms that people will seek for. Should you be a wedding photographer in Santa Maria. Name your page “Santa Maria Wedding Photographer”.
You are going to then need to repeat these key words again in the metatags: Description & Keywords. They have been still significant, these days, while not given very much weight in the SERP’s. Choose two websites with the same PageRank, one the other, with MetaTags without. The page with the MetaTags is certainly going to rank higher…