Pregnancy Beauty Treatments

The results of UV rays on the skin are well recorded. Premature aging skin cancer, and sun spots are linked to overexposure and sun exposure. Sunscreens will be the best choice to block UV rays from damaging the skin, but are sunblock products safe for use during pregnancy?
UV rays are blocked by sunscreens by including one of three fixings – zinc oxide, oxybenzone, or titanium dioxide. Oxybenzone is the fixing pregnant women need to prevent. In a few research studies, oxybenzone was connected to low birth weight in babies that were female. There isn’t any reason to place your child in danger when there is a feasible option which is recognized as safe for use during pregnancy while these studies couldn’t nail oxybenzone as the only reason for low birth weight.
The reason oxybenzone can’t be pinpointed as the basis for birth defects is due to its impact on skin. This compound can be used to assist your skin is absorbed through by other substances. Unlike titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which lie on the surface of your skin, products with oxybenzone permeate the skin enabling substances to absorb into the bloodstream.
In 2008, the Environmental Working Group found only shy of 600 sunscreens that included oxybenzone including Blue Lizard, Ocean Potion, Aveeno, and Hawaiian Tropic. A few of the products considered dangerous weren’t sunscreens, but instead body and Pregnancy facial lotions advertised with SPF protection.

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