Get the right WordPress template for your website / blog

As you prepare to create your website / blog and are confounded with the daunting task of choosing the template, make sure you pay heed to certain factors while going through the many WordPress templates available from multiple websites that you can easily download and use.
Design and Layout
As in product design, a website must also have specific Points of Parity and Points of Difference within an industry. As one might be tempted to get creative with one’s website, a basic sanctity with respect to one’s brand and its vision must be maintained. Choose a WordPress template that aligns with your industry type in terms of design / color. Also, always prefer simplicity over complex architecture.
Cost implication
A WordPress template is easily available from a number of websites and can be either downloaded for free or require a payment as a ‘Premiere’ template. It makes sense to download free WordPress themes for blogs or start-ups. Although, make sure you get adequate support from the vendor you download the template from. A major drawback of free templates is that multiple users might be using similar templates. Premiere themes tend to be unique and come with frequent updating feature which is a great value-add, but they might be more complicated to set-up.
User friendliness and Flexibility
A great design is no good if a user is unable to navigate through the website and easily find what he needs. Thus, the placement of tabs, dashboards, content on a webpage should ease the browsing experience. Moreover, the WordPress template should enable you to customize the layout and content as and when required.
With a plethora of choices at your disposal, just shortlist a few WordPress themes online and run quick demos for them. Simply have these pointers in mind and download the theme wordpress that best suits your purpose and go live with your website / blog!

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