Dedication and focus helps build celebrities their net worth

Celebrities fascinate us. Their obsession is everywhere. Why are we so fixated on celebrities? Why do we flip pages of magazine, internet, slide shows trying to understand how do they behave or what do they wear on a gala event? This is because humans are constantly in search for spot light or attention at any point of time. Media and technology has nourished our dreams with all the information we need to be in a spot light just like a celebrity.

A celebrity is not only known for their glitz and glamour and camera friendly pictures. They are also responsible to promote their work and set an example for the society. The worth of a celebrity is decided by the good work they do, which will promote their name even years after they have stopped working. In today’s world anyone who has achieved fame becomes a celebrity and it can either be short lived or long term depends on the work they do. At times a person is addressed as celebrity with the net worth they have accumulated in the bank. Even the renowned business persons of today are being tagged as celebrity, be it Donald Trump or Miuccia Prada. Both have made mark in their respective industry for the excellence in deliveries.

Miuccia Prada is a renowned fashion designer offering high end fashion styles in form of a reputed brand to its upper class customers and celebrities. She has earned personal Celebrity net worthof more than 4.2 billion dollars by just capturing women fashion market. Whereas, on the other hand the known Donald Trump an American business man and a known media personality whose name defines it all have a celebrity net worth of 4 billion USD. Therefore today net worth is one of the important factors that make a person celebrity. click here to get more information Martin Garrix net worth.

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